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The Elixir of Life Retreat is an all-inclusive transformational healing retreat which includes: 7 days of lodging, meals, workshops, classes, excursions where you will experience, learn, connect with other like-minded people and participate in one of a kind experience that creates a lasting impact. It is an investment that can far exceed the face value we are offering. Nourish and empower your soul through living foods, immersive excursions, live musical performances, and activities that will elevate your vibrations. Plus, what more perfect opportunity than our retreat to learn the rich language of Spanish and learn to speak like a native? (All levels are welcome.)

What makes this event special...

Dive deep into the Elixir of Life -Panama Retreat bordering the majestic Altos de Campana, Panama’s oldest national park! Take in the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean, from Cerro Campana to Punta Chame, the park’s 850-meter (2,789-ft) peak. Embark on a transcendental exploration of a spiritual oasis, an adventure in Reiki energy healing, sound healing, and deep meditative journeying. Learn how you can create the most powerful version of yourself by using precise tools to heal deep wounds and manifest your dreams into reality.

About the host

Healing Sound Alchemy

Healing Sound Alchemy produces high vibrational music, sound bath events and concerts. We also lead The Elixir of Life retreats to various exotic destinations worldwide. You will be engaging in up-lifting and rejuvenating multi-sensory experiences that bring harmony and empowerment. Our Mission is to create invigorating experiences through the power of sound, energy transmissions and other alchemical integrations to raise our vibrations and create a catalyst for paramount transformation and healing.


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