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Nestled in the hills of Tuscany at Villa Il Borghina, nourish your body, spirit, and mind with daily yoga classes, self-care practices, and of course, delicious Italian cuisine. Give your body what it needs by tuning into self-care, nourishment, and all things delicious. Learn to appreciate sensation, enjoy your body, and feed your soul in community. Come explore the pleasure of being alive!

What makes this event special...

Yoga: Learn to move, meditate, and breathe in a way that feels good for your body. Let go of forcing and ease into your bodies natural inclinations of movement. Weave dance, creativity, and functional movement into your practice to fully nourish your muscles, heart, and nervous system. Connect to a flow state through movement meditation and community building practices.

About the host

Kaity Rose

Kaity Rose is a certified Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor based in Boulder, Colorado. Her style of teaching calls students deeper into self-acceptance and inner-knowing.
Kaity guides students in deepening their connection with body, mind, nature, and life-force. She integrates nature connection, meditation, breathwork, functional movement, life-coaching, and meaningful ceremony into her offerings.
Kaity offers global yoga retreats, teacher trainings, and online Yoga Therapy sessions in addition to her workshops and classes. She specializes in trauma-informed yoga therapy, yoga for stress resiliency and anxiety, and functional movement therapy.

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