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Inspired by a 30-year-long relationship with dance and a powerful desire to help you find love, joy and pleasure in your physical self, Meredith Kalaman has designed a freeing, 3-day (4-night) experience that lifts you out of your busy mind, and brings awareness back into your body.

What are we capable of – physically, creatively and in the world – when we show gratitude to our beautiful physical form that carries us through life?

Adopting a kinesthetic learning approach, Meredith guides you through a series of embodiment, reflection and visualisation exercises, while also creating a supportive group environment that invites you to collaborate, learn and share.

Move past the limiting parameters of your logical mind to embrace possibilities, wonder, creativity and pure pleasure in both your mind and body.

Located along the peaceful shores of Kootenay Lake, this magical, meditative backdrop will take you far away from the fast-paced rush of everyday life. Get the most out of your experience within an inspirational, invigorating and rejuvenating environment.

Cost: $1000

We are excited to offer everyone for the summer of 2018 our Friends and Family of The Sentinel rate. Use promo code: summer and receive 15% off your program payment. If you bring a friend with you to this retreat each of you will receive a 25% discount, please contact us for this promo code.

This is an all-inclusive fee with meals and shared accommodation included. Travelling costs or extra services, such as massages or acupuncture therapy, are charged separately. If you have specific dietary needs or accommodation requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Open Your Mind And Body With Transformative Movement

What makes this event special...

Build confidence, express yourself fully and create presence by transforming the way you think and feel in your body. If you’re striving to rekindle a lost sense of physical vibrancy, develop a healthy relationship with your body or recover from injury or trauma, this immersive experience helps you find a renewed appreciation and joyful love for your physical self.

About the host

Florence Cosulich

    What are we collectively capable of achieving and becoming when we explore beyond the boundaries of convention to access a mindful state of peace and compassion?

    Facilitated by highly specialised thought leaders in the community. Offering you transformative experiences that mindfully explore revolutionary modalities.
    Pursue mind, body and spiritual wellness within our open-minded, full-hearted and supportive community.

    Escape To An Enchanted Oasis

    Our wellness experiences happen on our beautiful, expansive property that sits on the tranquil shores of Kootenay Lake, BC. Amplified by the dynamic snow-capped peaks, this destination invites you to breathe in the therapeutic serenity of Mother Nature.

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