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Are you ready to take on something really important this year––your career? Without question, it takes something to have a vision and take the right actions to become the success you want to be, both personally and professionally. Laurie Gerber, Head Coach at Handel Group Life, has helped thousands of people articulate their vision for their careers in a way that inspires, bust their own excuses and negative theories, and give them the tools they need to get into the right action to create the career of their dreams. Join Laurie for this no-holds barred, narrative-changing, two-hour workshop and create the right action plan to not only design your next career move, but insure its success.

What makes this event special...

In this session you’ll learn how to:

Articulate your career dream
Uncover what you really want & design your career
Bust your own excuses
Identify self-sabotaging inner dialogue.
Create an action plan that is a match with your new dream!

About the host

Lauren Zander

    Lauren Zander is the Author of Maybe It’s You and Co-Founder of Handel Group, a renowned corporate consulting and life coaching company dedicated to teaching people how to realize their personal and professional visions.

    Lauren’s straightforward and innovative method has changed the lives of thousands of private and corporate clients and has been taught in over 50 educational programs and institutes of learning, including MIT and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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