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Do you feel like you’re living the life you’re meant for? Do you feel stuck and that you’re missing something in your life? Are you tired, frustrated and discouraged from trying to figure out all the answers, living in service to everyone else around you and from trying to perfectly plan every detail of your life? Do you want more than anything to stop trying to “fit the mold,” live life on your terms and make choices for yourself? If you’re desperately seeking for a way to break free of self-limiting and self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, habits and routines and live an incredible life as your truest and highest self, “Clearing the Path” is the perfect fit for you!

Each week, we’ll join as a group and MAP and TAP to overcome daily stresses, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and memories that have been holding you back from the life you desire most!

The “Clearing the Path” sessions will help you:

*Clear stresses of the day or week and relieve yourself of everything not serving you
*Connect yourself with your desired vision of life and self
*Assess your life, and clear anything that doesn’t align with what you value most and
truly desire
*Discover the core of who you truly are, who you truly want to be and the life you truly
want to live
*Clear the negative thoughts, emotions and experiences that keep you “stuck”
*Free yourself of fear, judgements, projections, and assumptions that stop you from
taking risks and stepping into your desired future
*Eliminate negative thinking, stop racing and anxious thoughts and elevate your power
of positive perspective
*Silence your “inner critic” and embody who you truly are and all you are meant to
*Ignite your “inner pilot light” and fuel the fire that burns within you!
*Align your mind, body, and spirit so that you can live your life as your truest and
highest self
*Experience a life of inspiration, motivation, gratitude, genuine joy and fulfillment
* Raise your energy, shift your thinking, and open yourself up to attracting everything
you desire most
*Live a life filled with purpose, joy, direction and satisfaction

About the host

Debra O'Keefe

Debbie O’Keefe is a certified transformation coach, as well as a certified EFT and MAP practitioner. It was through her own experiences with chronic illness, anxiety and depression that called Debbie to stop playing small and live her life as her highest self. She is committed to sharing her insights and gifts with others and inspiring them to live as their true and highest selves, reach their greatest potential, and shine their light in the world. Her unique approach has helped people all over the world free themselves of limitations, pain and suffering and transform their lives in unimaginable ways!

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