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“Where your humanity dances with your divinity…” Chakralesque is a unique healing modality that blends burlesque-inspired movements with coaching and meditation to activate and balance the 7 major chakras.

The result is a group of powerful humans feeling more connected to themselves, to their divinity, their purpose, and each other. Each person takes that energy and connection out into the world, elevating the collective vibration.

Participant testimonials include, “I feel so powerful – like I can do anything right now!”. “I walked into feeling self-conscious, and I’m walking away feeling beautiful.” “What did you do to me?! I just let go of so much anger… I feel calm and energized at the same time.”

What makes this event special...

Chakralesque is the only class is it’s kind – created by a professional life coach, burlesque dancer, singer, and energy healer who blended all of her favorite healing modalities into one class!

It is a safe space for all bodies, all backgrounds, all levels of experience. It’s a transformative class that can easily become a home practice, and it’s a community of divine humans coming together to empower themselves and each other to create positive impact in the world.

About the host

Kacey Cardin

Kacey Cardin, PCC, is a professional coach, as well as a professional opera singing burlesque performer, energy healer, and leadership trainer. She recently led the Divinely Expressed Women’s Retreat in Costa Rica, which featured daily yoga, coaching circles, and Chakralesque. She has been a featured speaker all over the US, including Conference for a Cause, CreativeMornings, and workshops for companies including Vanderbilt University and the Country Music Association. Kacey practices Chakralesque herself, and credits the methodology with some of her biggest breakthroughs in self-love, empowerment, well-being, and peace.

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