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I will give you the tools to start your path, its up to you how you make your way along it. How committed are you? How much do you want to grow? How much time are you willing to invest in you?

This will be a webinar video discussing opportunities the first day on how to get started-some which are FREE to start followed by 4 weeks of detailed information on specific businesses and the steps to get started. Invest in yourself.

Starts 3/12/19

Even if you have a businesess/service find out how to maximize your earnings

What makes this event special...

Over the years, as I continue to build my business and clients for my holistic health business I realized I had to get creative in making money. The old way of thinking and doing things didnt work anymore and it also made me realize how important having more than one source of income is. For years Ive helped others have the motivation and encouragement to get out and start something on their own. Being your own boss and in control of your own life is the ultimate freedom. Showing others how to reach that goal is an honor and a blessing. If your signing up-thank you and know that Im proud of you for taking that first step to becoming the greatest version of yourself and aiming to reach your highest potential. This 2 week session isnt just about money but it’s also about thriving holistically- mind body and spirit. You can not have one without the other to be truly in alignment with your purpose. The business knowledge I plan on sharing I have personal experience with. This will not be sessions beating around the bush but will be specifically geared to a specific purpose, niche and goal. You will walk away at the end of the 2 weeks with a business in hand (one you may have started during the 2 week session already!)

About the host

Shonda Broom

Hello I am Shonda! I am the founder of Coram Deo Holistic Center, a nonprofit holistic center based in Louisiana. I have a nonprofit HIV Awareness movement called #KnowUrStatus encouraging HIV testing. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, LOA Practitioner, Chakrologist & Crystal Therapist. I specialize in emotional/energetic healing, natural health, spiritual guidance and helping individuals reach their full potential. I teach a variety of online classes in herbalism, spirituality and other esoteric/occult education. I’m a Holistic Cannabis Nurse and creator of the first Holistic Cannabis Consultant course.

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