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Stress and Clutter Got You Down?

I totally get it… stress and clutter had me down for a really long time. It took me years to break out of that cycle. I mean, as a real estate agent, a business owner, a mom, a wife… there were just so many moving parts to my life, I didn’t know where to start.

I tried everything- all the traditional stuff like doctors, therapists, coaches, books and all the non-traditional spiritual “woo-woo” stuff like crystals, meditation, chakra balancing, even past life regressions! I explored everything I had ever heard of to get me to a point of balance and calm.

I did that because I realized my entire future hung on whether or not I would finally get my s*** together. I asked myself whether I wanted to stay where I was or if I wanted more from my life. The truth is, I wanted way more. I wanted to feel excited about my life, passionate about my work, and free to enjoy time with my family!

Fast forward 20 years… Not only did I do all of that for myself, I’ve been working with real estate agents and other business owners for the last 16 years helping them do the same for themselves. I’m NOT telling you this to sell you anything, but merely to express my passion for, knowledge of, and experience in this exact issue.

Next week, I’m doing a class, Breaking Through The Clutter Cycle, online in webinar fashion, and I would love for you to attend and invite others you know who need to hear this message. Now, you may have attended this class before, because I taught this class back in February and had over 100 people show up to learn how to break through their clutter cycle. If you were one of those who came last time, you know how valuable this class is, and you probably know others who need to be there this next time.

Now, I know that webinars traditionally have a sales pitch at the end… this one WILL NOT. This is educational only. The entire purpose is to explain why you are struggling with this, where it comes from, and how to fix it. Sound good?

Okay, so go ahead and register here: https://events.genndi.com/register/169105139238463114/5819d85906 and there’s a video there from me, explaining a bit more about this. If you know someone who needs to hear this message and be there for this class, please forward this onto them.

I look forward to seeing you there…


What makes this event special...

Get an understanding of the root cause behind chaos, disorganization, always running out of time, over-committing, feeling unbalanced and out of control.

Are you ready to BREAK THROUGH that cycle?

About the host

Angela Kristen Taylor

Angela Kristen Taylor is a Real Estate Mama turned Coach with first-hand experience of what it’s like to tackle the two hardest things to do in life- build a successful business and raise a family- at the same time. With 5 kids from ages 5-23, 3 dogs, and an amazing husband who drives her wild, Angela lays it down in humorous, genuine, “real world” style and offers truly life-saving, business saving, sanity saving programs that will get you Kicking the Chaos to the Curb and ROCKING Real Estate Life!

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