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Blue Moon Women’s Circle – New York City

The Harvest Method

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A gathering for women to meet, share your goals and dreams, release what doesn’t serve you and build sisterhood. These circles are designed to support you to feel welcome, heal what needs to heal and rejuvinate what you might be lacking in luster. This is a place to feel heard, safe and loved simply for being yourself. All ages welcome. No experience necessary. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone. You’ll have 12 friends when we are through.


What makes this event special...

In 2018, I’m generating circles that I lead for women who have never sat in circle and could really use the sisterhood. This idea came from a beautiful circle I cocreated with my soul sisters on December 18th for the new moon. There is so much love, intention and creativity and support in the plans that were seeded. I’m using the power of this New Moon (January 16th) to launch, find my sisters, grow this practice and create something that is missing and VERY needed.

About the host

Rachel Harvest

I’m Rachel Harvest, the founder of The Harvest Method – focused life transformation coaching to support you to become your best self—the woman in you who achieves the highest level success in her work, leads with a confidence and courage, has deep intimacy in your relationships, lives a balanced life and is inspired, fulfilled and nourished physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—all with grace, confidence and true feminine power.

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