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Join me for a powerful group journey to get some answers to the big question of “What should I be doing… what’s my purpose?”

Together, we’re going to work through the answer to that. And then some.

In fact, we’re going to address these 3 core issues that are keeping you from getting out there are doing work that truly matters to you:

Who are you growing into that’s pushing you into bigger and better things?
What do you want and need to be doing that’s aligned with your heart and soul?
How do you make the right choices to set course to manifesting that?

If you’re frustrated and confused about what you should be doing with your work and life – or you just can’t see a way to make it happen – this group will help.

This small group is open to 6 women and runs from April 17 – July 24, 2018

What makes this event special...

This is a small group process for women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and figure out what they want to be doing that will make their heart sing. Open to just 6 women, it’s a magical blend of intuitive energy healing and practical action. Participants will get the clarity they need to recognize their next step in their life and their work, the energetic work to move through what’s holding them back, and the tools to support them in taking aligned action to make it so.

About the host

Stacy Vajta

Stacy Vajta is a transformational energy coach and intuitive healer. With over 30+ years of experience working with energy as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, she’s developed a grounded and focused approach to you getting the intuitive, energetic information you need to move your life forward.

To learn more about the unique process she works with, visit her website.

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