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The Guatemalan jungle is the PERFECT place to spend 6 transformative days
(and 7 nights). At the Be the Hero of Your Life retreat you will:

– Discover your source of internal courage and learn how to overcome fear
– Get more clarity about why you are here and what your courageous life looks like
– Understand how your personal insights, dreams and messages tie to your life
– Work one-on-one with Jennifer Monahan, a Mayan-trained shaman, to help heal old wounds, release the past, get deeper insights into your future, and determine how to move forward
– Visit a variety of ancient Mayan sites and caves…and connect with the energy and wisdom there
– Participate in group and individual ceremonies seeped in the Mayan tradition
– Explore picturesque Flores, an island town with brightly colored buildings, cobblestone streets and a Spanish flair

This retreat is designed to help you connect with your life purpose and get guidance on your courageous life. You’ll work through the Six Steps to Living a Courageously Authentic Life over the course of the retreat, and will have daily group and individual time with Jennifer Monahan. Plus, you’ll have a full-length shamanic session with her prior to the retreat to help you define your focus for the retreat.

You’ll also explore ancient Mayan sites such as Tikal, Yaxha, and Uaxactun; wander through the cobblestoned streets of Flores discovering handmade artifacts, international cooking and colonial-era buildings; and get hands-on to help a local, indigenous family and then share an authentic home-cooked Guatemalan meal with them. And you’ll have free time to explore the towns of El Remate and Flores.

When you go home, you’ll have a clear action plan on the steps you need to take. Regular group follow-up calls will help you stay on track, get additional coaching, and share your journey and successes.

What makes this event special...

This retreat brings together ancient Mayan sacred sites with the Six Steps to Living a Courageously Authentic Life program to help each participant connect more deeply with him- or herself, get clarity on his or her life purpose, and leave with a clear action plan of what to do next.

About the host

Jennifer Monahan

    Jennifer Monahan’s courageously authentic life journey began years ago, but really took off in 2013. On the spur of the moment, she decided to go to Yucatan, Mexico for a vacation. On her third day there, she met a Mayan shaman who conducted a four-hour shamanic healing on her…and on her last day there he told her that she was to become a shaman.

    Since then, she has completely reinvented her life. Today she helps other people define and live their courageously authentic lives through shamanic and coaching sessions, webinars, online training, retreats, her books, blogs, and weekly radio show.

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