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Balancing The Masculine & Feminine -Includes A FREE Mini-Reading

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In this interactive and deeply reflective class, we will be looking at blocks in how we run our male/female energy channels, and then do a process of healing and balancing these parts of ourselves.

Imbalances in the feminine channel sometimes show up as infections, shame, control and disempowerment issues, suppression of desire, and a stagnation of our creativity.

Imbalances in the male channel may present as being more sharp and controlling, an unfulfillment of sexuality cravings and desires, or difficulty connecting fully with the opposite sex.

When we balance these two channels (and heal any 2nd chakra issues), the end result is

An outpouring of creative energy
More clarity and alignment within ourselves
Increased sexual energy
A feeling of empowerment and confidence
A sense of ease, surrender, and play
This class will be a process of bringing ourselves into full alignment.

Price: $15 (early bird), $20 (after Nov. 28th)

Location: Zoom or In-person (E. Boulder) if 3 or more people Preregister.

Payment info:Venmo – @sharaogin (6401 is last 4 digits)Zelle – sharaogin@gmail.com

Please email me after payment at shara@sharaogin.com is made to get the address!

About Shara:Shara Ogin is an Intuitive Life Coach who has spent the past two decades delving into the transformational world, and believes balance and alignment of all parts of ourselves are crucial for you to bring our greatest gifts out into the world and to being fully and authentically YOU!

For more about Shara Please see: sharaogin.com

What makes this event special...

Shara Ogin is a clairvoyant, a life coach, and a reverend, and is most passionate about helping people to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them accessing their deepest purpose and potential. She has been featured on NBC sports for her predictions, and as a speaker at numerous festivals, workshops, and events. She frequently works with women who are ready to call in love, career satisfaction, personal fulfillment, and abundance in all realms. Having spent the two decades prior, working in the medical field as an Occupational Therapist, as well as a Somatic Feldenkrais Practitioner®, she includes her vast knowledge of the body into her work, merging the practical with the metaphysical and the mind with the body. Shara has recently published a book + workbook titled “Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within,” where she outlines the root cause of over 150 diagnoses and ailments and holistic strategies for treatment.

About the host

shara ogin

Shara is an Intuitive Coach combining the magic of her clairvoyance (seeing into the subconscious), with her personal coaching.

Shara is passionate about helping women to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them finding the love, the job they’re passionate about, and the happiness they so deserve.

She just published a book + workbook titled, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within, where she outlines 140 diseases and illnesses, the root cause, and strategies for holistic healing. Shara currently works with clients 1:1, leads group coaching and intuitive training programs.

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