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Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Retreat With Andrea And Melissa

Ahki Retreat

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Join us on retreat to Costa Rica, in one of the world’s ‘Blue Zones’ where people are said to be happiest and healthiest. The retreat will be held at AKHí on the outskirts of Nosara, atop a dreamy tropical mountain overlooking the Pacific ocean. AKHí is a truly sacred space—a private boutique retreat center built specifically according to the ancient science of Vatsu Shastra, “the yoga of space”—that invokes peace, wellness and harmony.

This retreat will allow you to unplug from your stresses and responsibilities, from electronics and newsfeeds, and remember what is really important to you. You will get the time you need for introspection so that you can reset and come home to yourself. You’ll go deeper into your yoga and mindfulness practice and learn to create new habits. You will be awe-inspired by experiencing one of the most beautiful places on earth. You’ll also be part of an open and inclusive community of fellow spiritual seekers.

What makes this event special...

The newly added January 25-February 1st retreat will be led in collaboration between Andrea Russell & Melissa Berry Appleton. Andrea and Melissa met on retreat in New York with their dear friend and teacher Michael Stone. Each year since, they have spent time together in the gap between their retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica sharing the dharma and friendship over coconut water at their favorite beach. Now they are joining their passions together to bring you a week of transformative practices. Andrea is an extensively trained Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Neurovascular Therapist. Melissa is a long time yoga and meditation teacher who is currently in the renowned Buddhist Chaplaincy Training program at Upaya Zen Centre with Roshi Joan Halifax.

About the host

Andrea Russell

    I’m an Ayurvedic health counselor, yoga therapist, meditation teacher, and neurovascular therapist. If I could convince you of only one thing, it’s this: that there’s a path to transform suffering—of feeling unwell, anxious, or like you’re spread too thin.

    Ancient practices offer timeless tools that can help you get back to your true self. I’ve experienced firsthand how they can be used to know the truth of who we are, heal our bodies, and wake us up to a more meaningful life.

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