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3 day / 4 night Intensive Residential Retreat

Amboli – Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate

Take 3 days out of your busy schedule to relax and rejuvenate in order to create perfect health and experience the basics of Ayurveda, Yoga and personal well-being.

• Deepen Mind-Body Understanding

• Daily Immersive Experiences on Creating Perfect Health

• Daily Yoga & Meditation

• Nature Walks

• Healthy Diet

What makes this event special...

Philosophy of Ayurveda: 4 Aims and Stages of Life & Samkhya Philosophy

1. Introductory understanding of of Ayurveda & dinacarya (daily health routine).
2. Introductory understanding of the philosophical foundation of Ayurveda,
3. including the 4 aims and stages of life from Yogic vision of life.
4. Introductory understanding of the main elements of samkhya philosophy.

The 5 Elements & 20 Gunas:

1. Introductory understanding of the 5 elements/ mahābhūtas.
2. The 10 pairs of gunas, in English and Sanskrit.

About the host

Mani Raman

    Mani Raman is a dynamic, inspirational teacher of Yoga and meditation from India who brings his wisdom, high energy, humor and wit to every class he teaches. With intuition, clarity and compassion, he guides his students on and off the mat in overcoming physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages to expand their minds and experience Oneness. Mani continues studying intensively from his teachers and life itself, untiringly spreading the message of yoga that each and everyone can discover the source of perfect health, happiness and peace within.

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