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What is attachment theory? What is an attachment style and how does it impact on our lives as an adult.
It doesn’t only affect your relationships, it had wide reaching consequences if it isn’t secure enough.
Join me on one of my workshops where I will explain all aspects of attachment in detail and leave you with some ways in which you can make yours more secure.

What makes this event special...

Join me online, from anywhere in the world, to discover the one thing that can have dramatic impacts on your life, without you even being aware that it is happening.

About the host

John Kenny

I am John Kenny – The Relationship Guy.
Coach to single professional women who want to get into a healthy intimate relationship.

A 75 year study carried out by Yale University concluded that the most important factor to living a happy and fulfilled life is the quality of your relationships.
And I help you to find quality!

I am also a published author, documentary maker and speaker.
My coaching approach – Interpersonal Relationship Coaching IRC is a fusion of Coaching, Counselling, NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Be good to yourself.


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