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My mission is to show you HOW to BE the LOVE, through touch, wellness, and sexuality. I am working to create a community of lovers working together to dissolve fear, create fearless relationships and increase our natural ability to LOVE. I believe we can heal our communities and families when we eliminate fear of rejection, of not being good enough, or able to satisfy your partner or yourself. ​
Welcome Statement
The Atlanta Tantra Festival and Atlanta Institute of Tantra & Divine Sexuality publicly affirms a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we welcome all, without regard to race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural background, social or economic status, family make-up, physical abilities, or age. We center Blackness and POC who are too often left out of conversations about sacred sexuality and healing, and all allies are encouraged to be a part of this community.


About the host

Amina Peterson

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