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Hack The Entire Year In 12 Days.

If you’re destined to meet some misfortune, you can entirely advert it by taking control of the astrological new year.

Zodiac Hacks reveals that the first 12 days of Aries correlate to and immediately influences the 12 months of the year.

For example, the first day of Aries, March 20, is connected to the first zodiac sign, Aries, the second day is connected to the second zodiac sign Taurus, and so on.

What makes this event special...

So why does this matter?

Because these 12 days are the procession of the Astrological New Year on the Spring Equinox when our light is balanced with our shadow. This cosmic opportunity only occurs once a year and it gives you the power to access the Zodiac Mainframe so that you can write reach your destiny. Everything that happens during these 12 days is a foreshadowing of what will come in the 12 months that follow.

This year has a special connection to light and becoming lighter in this heavy and dark world. The 12 Day Astrological New Year Workshop will help you receive the cosmic breath of inspiration so that you can breathe the rainbow stardust of the archetypes providing for a year of inspiration.

It’s very important that your thoughts, words, and actions are as good as can be as they will have a large impact on how your reality will render. These 12 days are really a time of testing you and seeing how much you can receive throughout the year.

Therefore, each of the 12 days of Aries gives you the chance to transcend any fate that is preventing you from obtaining the life you want and work hard for. The archetypes are personally watching us all over these 12 days, seeing if we pass their challenges. It’s very important to become aware of what you’re facing and to connect to the archetypal energy available to you as it can last you for an entire year.

If you’re destined to meet some misfortune, you can entirely advert it by taking control of the astrological new year and the 12 days that follow it. Aries is the warrior of the Zodiac and we are asked to become light warriors, blasting away TCM rays of fear, anger, confusion, and forgetfulness.

Aries is also the baby of the Zodiac, so please be patient with yourself and others as people may act like babies during this incubation. Everyone is offered the ability to change and grow into who they want to be. When we respond with our higher brain, we step in the right direction and transcend all obstacles of the year.

Your relative self, your ego, will attempt to keep you from accessing this immense light. Plus, it is armed with many outer factors that make it easy for us to ignore this opportunity and difficult to connect to it. If you’re determined to stay aware, the 12 Day in Aries Online Workshop will help you stay aligned and can increase the likelihood of converting this investment of light into useable resources and power.

We will access the 12 light rays of the Zodiac to reprogram your cells, your spirit, and your reality. These exercises will help you in counterbalancing the TCM rays of aggression, fear, anxiety, worry, and forgetfulness that cascade throughout the hours of the day, with the light rays of love, faith, trust, gratitude, and courage.

About the host

Arik Xander

Arik Xander is an internationally renowned teacher, astrologer and healer who uses naturopathy, astrology, tarot, kinesiology & energy medicine, or what he has coined Central Medicine, to help people transcend their fate and fulfill their destiny. He has successfully consulted political leaders, medical doctors, healers, spiritual gurus, influencers, movers and shakers, heads of industry, Hollywood artists, and hundreds of people worldwide in achieving their goals.

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