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8 Days Life Purpose & Soul Play Retreat

Monchique Algarve Retreat Center

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If you are feeling called by the title of this retreat, it´s probably because you are at a transformational moment in your life right now. You are either seeking a deeper spiritual connection in your everyday life, more meaningful and intimate relationships, or the next step in your career to thrive holistically in body, mind and spirit. You are interested in the power of manifestation combining magnetic attraction with conscious actions, and want to find balance in your yearning for lasting fullfillment in a material, 21st century life.

You are invited to join us to take rest from your everyday life and let your essence come out to play! The magic you are seeking resides in the in-between.

Our transformational retreat takes place in the holy mountains of Monchique, which is just a 30 minutes drive from the beautiful beaches of Lagos at the coast of Portugal. This area of the country is known for it´s high vibrational and deeply peaceful energy, where spiritual as well as artist communities live peacefully next to each other.

This newly opened retreat center is run by a couple, who are long-time devotees of one of the most popular sages of India, Papaji, coming from the lineage of enlightened masters after Ramana Maharshi.

If you are ready to experience more depth in your life, serve a greater mission, up-level your game to expand your potential and seek deeply nourishing connections that can seem to be Divinely guided, this retreat will serve you greatly.

The space that we are holding is a sacred container to listen to your heart, Soul and purpose to dig a little deeper and find out what truly stirs you within. It´s a creative space to envision your dreams, make friends with your inner child and uncover your inner wisdom. It´s the place to step into your power and speak with clarity and conviction about what you truly want, invite spirit for guidance and use your essential life force energy to align your Soul with your highest Purpose.

The modalities we work with in the retreat have been proven as deeply transformative over the past 7 years leading retreats, workshops and trainings all over Asia, Europe and Africa. It´s an alchemy of the most transformative and healing Western as well as Eastern techniques creating a unique, soulful blend.

You are free to choose at any time if you want to participate in the daily activities or take time to rest, go out for a walk in nature or take a private healing / coaching session.

What makes this event special...


What will you experience in this retreat:

• Shamanic Breathwork • Martial Arts & Yoga • Meditation
• Dance • Conscious Relating Games • Himalayan Tantra
• Creative Workshops • Group Coaching • Nature Trips • Silence

PLUS: Individual Energy Healing & Intuitive Coaching Sessions


The food is a sensual journey into plant based high vibe food, to let your body become lighter, more active and more in tune with the natural rhythms of life. We have 3 meals per day with a variety of different food options and dietary ideas, which you can integrate in your day to day life afterwards, plus a vegan / vegetarian cooking workshop!

The rooms are all new in an old farmhouse that has been transformed into a conscious and zen haven of peace and harmony. Every detail is placed in the perfect spot and the nature tubs in the garden invite to take a bath in summer.

The location is only a 30 minute drive away from the coast of the Algarve, so that we can include beach trips as well! Yay, nature, beach life, peace and holy mountains all in one!

The founders of the place have been themselves on a long spiritual journey and met in India at their guru Papaji, who comes from the Advaita Vedanta lineage of Ramana Maharshi.

About the host

Anna S. Haack

Anna Sofia is a life purpose coach, clairvoyant healer and DJ. Her work is based on embodied consciousness, connection with the Soul and finding playfulness in every situation. She is a Kundlaini Master and alchemizes tantra, meditation, shamanism, light frequencies and yoga for more Joy and Juiciness in everybody’s life! Two years she meditating in a cave in the Himalayas, learning from an ancient sage as his only disciple.

The past 7 years she has been leading retreats to Africa, Asia and Europe and participated in festivals such as Boom Festival Portugal and Baltic Tantra Festival.

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