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I believe that traveling and practicing yoga are both great ways to expand your mind to new possibilities. This is why I invite you to come to South of France with me so that you experience a week full of growth and self-development.

On top of beautiful French food and curated excursions you will also be able to improve your Yoga practice both internally and externally. Every morning, you will be guided through an alignment based Yoga flow. Our morning classes are for us to wake up for our day, discover new strengths and become more in tune with your physical self. After our excursions and adventures to the surrounding areas, we’ll meet back on our mat. Our early evening practices will be themed as workshop-like classes including relaxing Yin yoga, soothing restorative sequences and also some thrilling inversion practices. By teaching movements that are safe and sustainable for all, you’ll honor your own practice while learning something new. No matter the level of your current practice, I will help you find your own unique path on this adventure.

Join me in France from August 31 to September 7th 2019. I can’t wait to share with you my culture and the love that I have for my home country!

What makes this event special...

What is special about my retreat is that I actually grew up in France which. I do this as a way for me to be fully authentic and to show my students the beautiful country I grew up in. It is always such an amazing time to share this time away with like minded people. Not only we get tot practice yoga and connect with each other but we also get to discover more about about French culture and experience delicious food. My students are always impressed about the quality of the accommodation and the professionalism of the staff on site.

About the host

Teo Chapelier

    Originally from France, Téo has always been eager for adventure. After highschool, he left his country and traveled the world for 4 years. His path led him to Los Angeles, California where he discovered Yoga and found balance in his life. Yoga allows him to align himself with his true Self. As a teacher and student, he is humbled every time he gets to share his practice and help others ensuing possibilities for growth and transformation. Yoga brought out the best in him and he is excited to share it with you.

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