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7-Nights Somatics & Leadership Retreat For Women, Costa Rica, July 2019

Costa Rica Yoga Spa

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Imagine yourself on a different kind retreat, where you take the retreat feeling home with you, for good!

Somatics. Meditation. Yoga. Dance. Nature healing. Art.

Women leave this retreat with a renewed aliveness, sense of intimacy, and the power to make the shifts they want in leading their life.
You find connection and community among women, and a deeper presence, trust and resilience. All supported by the land, delicious nourishing organic vegan or vegetarian food, and two experienced coaches and teachers.

This is a life shaping experience that lasts.





300 metros antes de Rio Montana
Nosara, Guanacaste 50206 Costa Rica


8 Day(s)


Costa Rica Yoga Spa


Reg. $1,999 Early Bird $1799







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What makes this event special...

We believe it is time to be together as women in a different way. If you’ve never been on a retreat with women before, it can be a daunting idea. You might ask yourself, ‘is anyone going to like me?’ ‘what if they are competitive about looks?’ ‘am I going to like anyone?’. And if you have been then we know you are nodding your head right now!

This retreat is not about being a superwoman, super mum, superpartner, super anything. It’s not about taking selfies looking hot on the beach, getting a spa manicure or making sure you’re totally hairless. This (re)spirited retreat is full of compassion, support, laughter and union as women. We spend 7 days being in a different way together as women. A way where you feel free to be you.

In deep community, we get to explore our aliveness in its fullest sense. We join together throughout the day in the ‘rancho’.

The rancho is a beautiful sacred space, where monkeys often join us, peacefully hanging out in the trees nearby, as we are impressed with stunning views for miles of jungle and the ocean.
You get to experience a range of somatic practices including meditation; different forms of movement including yoga and Dancing Freedom; a variety of ways to deeply connect with nature, and many opportunities to explore your own creativity, with art supplies set up to use whenever you like.

This is just some of what we offer you on this retreat. We know that you are unique and are working on different aspects of yourself and your life. And we know that if you come, you get transformational inspiration with a deeper sense of self-knowing, reconnected with the full wisdom of your body.

You will have space too! To rest, integrate, walk the beach, read in a hammock, and stay in your beautiful feminine flow.

We eat all our mouthwatering meals together, with deep gratitude for the fruits of the earth, savouring the tropical richness of the fruits and vegetables of this plentiful land.
These times of sharing food with our sisters are always full of joy and nourishment, with respect for the mood and space that each of us is in. Sometimes we eat in silence too.
You will gain lifelong friendships, complete personal work that deeply matters to you, and return to your life full of feminine power – heartful, resilient and with access to the qualities you want to lead your life.


The name (re)spirited was inspired by time spent in the forest in Central America. The meaning we make is of reconnecting with the spirit that lives in us, our essence, and all those spirits we live alongside – all beings, all people, Mother Nature. The word ‘respire’ (to breathe) has roots in meaning to ‘re spirit’ – breathing being a fundamental way that we exchange who we are with all that is around us.
We design retreats that offer women a life shaping experience in paradise. We select our locations with thoughtfulness; giving our attention to the surrounding nature, your comfort day and night, healthy local food, and the ecological and spiritual consciousness of the place.
Each retreat design is adapted to align with the location, seasonal cycle in the year, and your needs. Our intention is to support you in a process of rediscovery, so you leave with a renewed sense of purpose, aliveness and power to make the shifts you want to make in your life.

Events Highlights

– Meditation
– Yoga
– Somatic practices
– Dancing Freedom
– Individual coaching sessions
– Bodywork
– Nature immersion, deep ecology
– Compassionate Communication
– Arts and crafts
– Nia technique
– Fire ceremony
– Surfing
– Beach walking
– Massage and other spa treatments
– Optional local plant medicine ceremony (on Saturday 27 July, cost not included)

Venue Highlights

Nestled between the magical waters of the Rio Montaña and the Rio Nosara, our hosts at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Costa Rica’s coastal Blue Zone. A Blue Zone is a concept used to identify a geographic area of the world where more people live to be centenarians (past 100 years) than elsewhere. You have the most spectacular views of the forest and ocean below, not to mention the gorgeous sunsets, and plentiful friendly wildlife.

The Costa Rica Yoga Spa has been awarded the TripAdvisor Green Leaders award for their efforts for several years running. They have solar panels, a sweat lodge, an on-site permaculture garden that produces herbs and vegetables used in their wide variety of (soon to be famous!) gourmet organic vegetarian meals.

What’s included:
• 8x days, 7x nights beautiful accommodation in the jungle looking out at the sea.
• Personal 121 Somatic Coaching session with experienced coaches who teach Strozzi Somatics.
• Dance and movement sessions with joint host LeeAnn as we witness the awe-inspiring Pacific sunsets.
• 7 Breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners, lovingly prepared from locally sourced organic vegetarian ingredients.
• Introduction to compassionate communication and how you can apply it in your life.
• Awakening practices every morning to integrate your body, mind and spirit
• Deep ecological experiences in connection with the land visiting a local waterfall 20mins away
• Creative time with a full range of art materials for you to use.
• Sunset fire ceremony to say goodbye to that which no longer serve us and invite in new possibilities

About the host

Lise Melvin

    (re)spirited Founder, Lise has experience working with many different cultures, backgrounds and organisations. People find themselves telling Lise things they have not told anyone else without knowing why. She inspires immediate trust and openness and holds safe ground to support self-development and transformation.

    Lise draws spirit and resilience from practicing Vedic meditation, centering in alignment with her purpose, and 5 rhythms dance. She studied yoga, the Vedas, and compassionate communication.

    She’s a certified Somatic Coach and a trainer with the Strozzi Institute alongside consulting and guiding retreats. She worked in agriculture, development, environmental campaigning, the United Nations, NGOs and governments.

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