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Join us on the stunning coast of Uluwatu, Bali for an immersive experience into your Higher Self. Through breath, connection, yoga, nourishing foods, and tuning into nature, we will be diving deep together to hold a safe container to level – up, create radical shifts, and tap into our unique, Divine, Essence of who we really are.

Join us for 6 nights at Sannyas Yoga Academy, tucked in the heart of Uluwatu a minutes walk from the cleanest, most stunning beaches in all of Bali.

What makes this event special...

There’s dozens of yoga retreats one could experience in Bali, but this one is really so special because it’s focused on creating a safe container for deep transformation.

Our vision is powerful, and clear: We are here to help you evolve.

To level up. To expand. To transform. We are here to help you shift limiting beliefs into supportive actions. We are here to challenge you.


If you’re interested in a nice relaxing vacation, there are hundreds of other retreats you can choose from! This will NOT be that. This retreat will challenge you. This retreat will be intense. It will also be liberating, and leave you feeling more free, light, and joyous than when you arrived.

About the host

Brooke Nally

Brooke’s teaching practice began with traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga.. She considers her ‘deeper’ practice to have begun, however, when she journeyed to India in 2017 to study with her guru Anand, where she received her 300 hours at Sattva Yoga Academy.

Since India, she has been traveling the world sharing these profound techniques in places like Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Costa Rica, and now, Bali. She loves to teach fiery asana classes, but what she truly loves teaching people is how to activate their subtle bodies through Himalayan kundalini techniques such as kriya, breathwork, mantra, chi, and meditation.

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