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7 Day Quantum Healer Teacher Training In Mount Shasta, California

Private Retreat Home in Mount Shasta

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Welcome To An Unparalleled Experience Of Healing & Sacred Connection.

The Love Rising Academy: Quantum Healer Training Retreat
in Mount Shasta, California:
Crown Chakra of Gaia
July 22-28, 2019

The Love Rising Academy provides New Multi-Dimensional based teachings, tools and practices that assists us on the path of Liberation, with a special focus on the leadership of Women in this Era of Global and Universal Change. Our fullest potential and greatest growth is accessed through the self healing journey.

The School offers effective self healing skills, classes and experiences that are freeing and evolutionary. We provide timeless teachings and practices that are rooted in love and compassion, igniting pathways to discovering your true nature.

It is through the presence of Infinite Love and Wisdom that freedom is known. Now more then ever, we need healers and teachers to lead our communities back to a harmonic that works together for collective peace & unity.

Join us in Mount Shasta, for a remarkable 7 day retreat to empower Creator-ship, clarify your vision, and learn how to use effective self-healing skills. At the end of this retreat you will become certified as a practitioner in the Quantum Healing Arts.

The body has an intelligence that can heal itself. We learn how to tap into that intelligence to become confident, abundant and free in our lives, able to create anything from our hearts desires – and I really do mean Anything, because Anything is Possible.

Wealth, Health, Relationship, All of IT. You can have it all and you are capable and worthy of it!

We will learn techniques that are used for hands on healing, long distance healing and creativity. This retreat will raise one’s energy vibration, and helps a person to expand their consciousness and find a profound connection with themselves and with others đź’ž

What makes this event special...

“I’ve been to some retreats with her and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NON STOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017! This retreat is for those wanting to create an amazing bond spiritually with themselves and with each other!” – Avani Shah, California


It’s called The Liberation because this is the deep work we do to shift the energetic-vibration of your life. If you have been doing spiritual and self development work for a long time but are still experiencing roadblocks to your dreams, The Liberation practices are often the missing link. Our Quantum and Practical exercises hone into the hidden emotional, mental and physical blocks to get the chains off you embodying your fullest joy and abundance.

The Retreat will only receive 12 participants to keep the energetic integrity of the event. By the end of this retreat you will become certified as a Level 1 Practitioner of The Liberation™ Healing Method

What You Learn as a Level 1 Practitioner:

The Multi-Dimensional Universe and How energy works to create realities
How to Connect with the Divine and stay present at anytime, under any circumstance
How to perform an intuitive body scan to release blocks from the body
How to transmit the healing energy of Love
How to use Sound and your Voice as a healing instrument
How to heal yourself and others
How to work with your Spirit Guides
How to conduct your healing session
The Liberation Practices – To empower your voice, confidence and purpose.

About the host

Jamie Lu

    I facilitate the hard work of meeting our greatest fears, hidden limitations & self sabotage. I am a doubt annihilator, a change agent for difficult emotions and unhealed patterns.

    My tremendously successful clients call me “The Liberator”

    It’s amazing how much we cannot see, what we have no idea is there, that is actually getting in our way of massive fulfilment and joy!

    My expanded gifts are clairvoyance and transmitting healing sounds (Language of Light). I use my extensive training in frequency, sound and quantum healing methods to shift my clients in a 8+ year private practice with real results.

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