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This retreat is held in one of the many ‘vortexes’ of the world — on Lake Atitilan, Guatemala. It’s said that just being here on this land you’ll feel deeply transformed and liberated, so imagine being there AND practicing powerful practices with a community, such as breathwork, meditation, and doing deep visualization and manifestation work.

What makes this event special...

This retreat is designed to create clarity, liberation, and expansion — through techniques such as Kriya yoga, breathwork, meditation, visualization, and sound journeys.

The venue is healing in and of itself — overlooking two volcanoes and the Sacred Lake Atitlan. Your body will be nourished with three, mouth-wateringly delicious vegan meals per day. And a very special addition — the venue also has a Temescal (a Mayan ceremonial sauna).

About the host

Brooke Nally

Just two normal girls, living a very not-normal lifestyle.

Zana from New Zealand, Brooke from Utah, but now residents of the world.

After leaving ‘the matrix’ years ago, they have been traveling around the world, training, growing, teaching, and following their hearts. Two years ago, they randomly (yet serendipitously) met in Bali, and instantly knew they were soul sisters, destined to inspire others to live a life of freedom.

The reason they have decided to host retreats, is because they know how much just one week can be a catalyst for positive change in one’s life.

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