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This retreat will help you break out of any limitations surrounding the maternal, birth, death, money, and life. You will also increase creativity and manifestation abilities. My retreats are life changing and extremely powerful.

You will also learn how to remove blockages to RECEIVING LOVE, ENERGY AND MONEY.

What makes this event special...

2019 is host to the energy of The Empress, the mother archetype – and everybody’s got one! We will work on mother issues, and all things related to The Empress Archetype: Money, Love, Healing, Life, Care and Sharing to name a few.

What’s more is that we will be working with the archetypes from the Tarot within the dash™ lineage which sees a new “shadow archetype” to The Empress: The Sun.

About the host

Arik Xander

I am a synthesizer, which means I can find how things come together and creator something greater than their individual parts. The following is a brief list of the subjects I have studied and used in my development of dash® Astrology and Astrolochi®.

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