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The Emerald Isle and Horses – a magical journey. During this six-day retreat, you will be invited to create deeper connections and partnership from the heart; with horses through natural horsemanship sessions and trail riding, and with yourself, through daily yoga classes, breath work and meditation.


What makes this event special...

Yoga is about the connection, or union, of body, mind and spirit through meditation, breathing (pranayama) and physical postures (asana). You will learn how, through the teachings of yoga, to connect with horses and how to reconnect with yourself; rediscovering your breath, your energy, increasing your self awareness and becoming less reactive.

Horses act as a mirror, and with the centered calm of yoga we can be more ready to receive their feedback and grow. They also allow us to explore and connect with the surrounding natural environment in a way we could not do on foot.

About the host

Esther Zyderlaan

    Esther first arrived in Ireland from Holland in 1978, seeking a place to create a sustainable farm where people could enjoy nature and unwind. From the humble beginnings of selling pancakes out a caravan window this dream has become a reality. Esther still loves her organic garden the most and runs the centre with her daughter Merel Zyderlaan.

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