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The Roots Of Feminine Yoga is a series about our reconnection to ourselves and the natural world, both inside and out. It is about coming home to our true essence on this earth. It is about embracing our humanness as well as our spirit and it offers a new way of practicing, and a new way of living, that is more aligned with simplicity, balance and nature.

The feminine is the vibrant expression of Life itself. She is everything that we can see, taste, touch, feel, hear, smell and sense. Everything that we can perceive. She is real and is to be fully honored.

This course takes you on a journey through elemental asana sequences, breathwork, meditation, voicework, yoga nidra, devotional offerings and self care practices and voice activation.

What makes this event special...

A unique approach to yoga, you’ll be guided through 50 hours of yoga sadhana, micro-practices for daily life, meditations, voicework & devotional offerings.

Practices are centered & supported by the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) as well as the different levels (physical, energetic, mental/emotional, higher mind and our subtle bliss body). When you connect in this way, you can learn to truly recognize that your entire being is sacred.

About the host

Lorraine Taylor

Lorraine has been immersed in yoga for approximately 30 years. Her studies have taken her to both traditional Indian ashrams and modern day yoga gurus. She has explored the different yogic paths of Hatha, Tantra, Bhakti and Jnana and is currently very inspired by somatic based practices and trauma informed yoga, recognising how important this work is right now. She offers a nurturing feminine approach to the lineage of classical yoga which honours the different levels of our Being with clear insight, compassion and kindness.

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