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This module will bring you to the beauty of your inner pathways. Find the great teachings behind nature, and an amazing guideline to change your lifestyle and upgrade your attitudes towards life.

What makes this event special...

Experience the magnificence of the Elements and understand their qualities within your Body’s Subtle Anatomy.

•Learn the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and their relationship to your Organs.

•Learn the Emotions behind each Organ and the tools to reshape your Attitude towards life!

•Learn the main Points within the Meridians and know what they are for and how to find them within yourself and another.

•Practice Mandala Vinyasa, Elemental Yoga Sequences included with soothing Live Music for each one of the 5 Elements

•Learn Element Theory and Play Weekly Element Games, to motivate and refresh your Lifestyle.

•Learn ways to Rebalance yourself, in the mind, on the mat. From your heart to the kitchen, and with your community.

•Share these Ancient Teachings with your students and your loved ones.

About the host

Daniela Garza

Founder of SOHA: School of Healing Arts, Yoga TT, Co-founder and Spiritual Director of Sutra Yoga Monterrey. Double Degree in Monterrey and France.

Certified in Bioenergetics Osteopathy, Medical Magnet Therapy, Natural Medicine, Mandala Vinyasa, Prana Flow, Krama Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Acroyoga, and Thai Massage. World Traveler, Daniela has been immersed more than 15 years in bodywork and spiritual practices. Freedom, Wisdom, and Love gravitate around her shared practices. Devoted service, clear technique, and sensitive awareness are present through her teachings.

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