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Join us on a five night luxury detox retreat in Devon, UK.

When we relax, let go, retreat, rest and rejuvenate – our bodies naturally begin to detoxify and eliminate – not only toxins but also negative thoughts & feelings as well as physical stress and tension.

Everyone has a range of addictions and dependencies which hold you back and keep you STUCK. In excess these toxins are like poison in the bodymind and create havoc. Everything from pain and inflammation to mood swings and low self-esteem are all after effects of a biochemical war fare on the body.





Puggiestone, Chagford
Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 8DN United Kingdom


5 Day(s)


Breathe Detox


Reg. $1,195







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What makes this event special...

Here at Breathe Detox retreats, our main focus is: STRESS.

These days everybody’s talking about it! Yep, STRESS is the new “buzz word”!

But what is STRESS? What does it mean to be STRESSED? How do we hold STRESS in our bodies? And how do we “let IT go”?

Through releasing the negative effects of STRESS we literally slow down and reverse the signs of aging.

Anti-aging is the side-effect of accumulating nourishing energy.

About the host

Holly Mullin

Holly founded Breathe Detox in 2008. She has been actively involved in Holistic Therapies and Alternative Lifestyle since 1995. With her background in body therapies, she has a deep knowledge of the connection between body, heart, mind & spirit. In particular, Holly uses the power of Kinesiology/muscle testing for direct communication with the unconscious mind for optimum results. She facilitates a space of simple yet profound understanding and discovery to enhance your personal journey.

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