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5 Day Yoga and Spiritual Healing Retreat, Costa Rica

El Sabanero Eco lodge

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The retreat combines yoga and an energy workshop, Sekhem All Love.

The goal with the energy workshop is to help people establish reconnection to the source by supporting them in finding what it is that is withholding them from that (re)connection to Source.

Helping them find why they are not happy, why they can’t express how they really feel, why they are not allowing themselves to be loved, and sometimes why they are not able to give love.

This is established through meditation which is extremely effective in a group setting.

Additionally, there are 2 yoga sessions per day, performed in our outdoor Shala, taking in breathtaking jungle views.

For those who choose to take part only in the yoga sessions, we have created a program for the day including zip lining, waterfall, beach, horseback riding, surfing or SUP.

What makes this event special...

We are holding an All Love- Sekhem workshop on Dec. 15th for 3 consecutive days. The instructor is Michael Hemmskerk from Delft in the Netherlands.

3 years ago I discovered ‘Sekhem – All Love” and went to Amsterdam for a workshop. It was really a lifetime experience. I can recommend it for all ages, erase the dark, bring in the light.

About the host

Amit Shauli

Amit Shauli chooses to practice yoga as a lifestyle both on and off the mat as it is the foundation of his everyday life.

He believes yoga provides a consistent source of positive energy through all of life’s ups and downs, and he aspires to share his passion with others.

Amit completed his teacher training in Toronto with 3 yogi brothers from India.

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