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A 4-day Experience of Connection, Creation, & Transformation.

Leave behind the heaviness you are carrying, rejuvenate your soul, and live a life that you design and desire.

Connection is Everything:
When women come together, we make magic. We need the hearts and souls of other women to connect, support, & empower our own unique transformation.

Release What Holds You Back:
Learn tools and powerful rituals to release negative stories and limiting beliefs, and heal from your past. You will be transformed after this weekend!

Find & Revive your Soul:
You will go deep to discover and release old agreements that no longer serve you. You will be Inspired to take your next step forward. You will be Empowered to live the life you desire. YOU will be Your Own Light.





3805 Walker Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80908 United States


4 Day(s)


The Hideaway Inn


Reg. $1,187 Early Bird $1087





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What makes this event special...

In this safe, Loving space of divine feminine energy, you will experience healing, creation, and transformation so you can:

*Be free from your excuses – We all have excuses for why we can’t be happy, healthy, and powerful. Learn how to embrace and release the excuses, fears, past experiences, so that they no longer hold you hostage.

*Be Empowered – In this loving space, you will be empowered to be all that you are and still desire to be. You will accept your authentic self without apologies, and come to Love the flaws, fears, and imperfections so that they no longer have power!

*Be Heart-full – You will find deeper, lasting self-compassion. You will practice self-Love and self-forgiveness. You will come to know you are enough as you are!

The 4-day transformation also includes:

Emotional Release:
Learn tools and powerful rituals to release negative stories and limiting beliefs, and heal from your past.

Mindfulness & Meditation:
Journaling, Drumming & Rhythm Healing, deeper relaxation & mediation practices.

Sound Healing:
Two evening sound bath healing sessions to help you access deep relaxation and deeper states of consciousness.

Clarity, Purpose, & Creation:
Get clear on who you are, and what you want to experience. Harness the power of group energy to create & manifest the exerience you desire.

Discover and flow with your cycles and the physical and spiritual cycles around you.

Heal your body:
Hiking, Communion with Nature, make-&-take Essential Oils Blending

About the host

Dena Gould

Dena is a Spiritual Impetus who is inspired to help people achieve fulfilling, happy lives through self-exploration, intuitive energy balancing and the release of limiting stories, pain and fear. She is a healer, truth speaker and energy shifter who empowers people using a unique combination of Emotional Freedom Technique, energy work and talk therapy.
Dena provides individualized guidance and insight to help move beyond the past, tear down personal boundaries and regain personal power. She asks difficult questions, works to uncover the root cause of any limiting issues and equips each client with personalized tools to facilitate healing and growth.

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