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Experience the Healing Energy of the Ancient Desert Mountains and Immerse Yourself in Nature in Breathtaking Northern New Mexico!

This journey offers you a full, long weekend for inner-exploration, healing, and re-connection. In communing with Spirit through visits to Sacred sites, meditative hikes with Nature, and the gift of the Healing Breathwork, you have the opportunity to develop your innate Intuitive gifts – to come into alignment with you Soul, and home to your Heart.

Connect with Nature, Spirit, Sacred Community, and the Wisdom of your Heart.

What makes this event special...

COME EXPLORE YOU TERRITORY | Each experience and practice is an invitation inward – to a deeply true listening place – learning to trust yourself, to feel safe in your authenticity; to be connected to your Intuition and connected to your body. To be fully and presently available to simply receiving the Divine guidance and Love that is already all around and within you.

Here you will expand your physical capacity to carry a stronger vibration of Love – tuning your body as an instrument, connecting to the flow of creative energy, expression, and intuitive movement. Here you will give yourself the space to heal – to set aside the “to-dos” and see what happens when you allow yourself to be truly seen and heard, and held… by YOU.


THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT | The majestic terrain of the New Mexican mountains and expansive high desert space holds Sacred healing powers. It is a place where the energy is both deeply peaceful and charged at the same time. The land here carries an ancient Spiritual imprint, one that is fiercely connected to Mother Earth, Healing, and Creativity.

Tucked within the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in Northern New Mexico, surrounded by pristine natural beauty and crisp fresh air, Taos offers a deeply nourishing, soothing, and healing landscape. It is the optimal geography for exploring – exploring oneself, the land, and communing with Spirit.


REGISTRATION INCLUDES | All Meals: organic/vegetarian, snacks, and tea throughout weekend *Special dietary needs will be met upon request. Full Accommodations at Private Retreat Residence, Daily Healing Circles, Workshop Teachings, and Practices, All Group Breathwork, Yoga & Meditation, and on/off-site activities (*Does not include airfare and/or transportation to and from retreat location.)


THIS EXPLORATION IS FOR YOU | You’ll know because…

• You are ready for a real connection with yourself.

• You’ve been feeling stuck for awhile now and you’re ready to get to the root.

• You want to deepen your knowledge & understanding of the Universe, Spirit, and Energy.

• You’re ready to connect with Nature, your Guides, and your inner Wisdom.

• You want to strengthen & trust your Intuition.

• You want to feel grounded and present in your Body.

• You are ready to heal yourself and claim your rightful place in this world.

• You are willing to change and be open to new possibilities.

• You feel something inside saying “YES”.

Come as you are – to deepen your existing practices, or show up 100% raw. Either way, there will be something magical and meaningful that awaits you here, something you didn’t even know you needed, something that may just change your life.

About the host

Beth Barbaglia

Beth Barbaglia is the Founder of Held In The Heart, a spiritual healing arts practice and online community. She is an Intuitive Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor & Writer/Musician/Artist.

Beth is a passionate self-explorer dedicated to illuminating a path of healing for others through creativity, Love, and curiosity! She holds a Sacred, safe, and supportive space to explore – to heal trauma, open your heart, reconnect to Truth, and discover your own unique path of Heart-centered, purposeful living.

Beth shares her work internationally and virtually through retreats, group events, and 1:1. She is based in New Mexico, U.S.A.

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