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Join Firefly in the mountains of Colorado to gain tools to tackle all that life throws at you. This long weekend of yoga, hiking, soaking in the hot springs, and connecting with others will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to create the life you want!


What makes this event special...

Firefly designs retreats intended to help you connect with yourself, others, and nature. We believe that pressing pause, stepping away from your day-to-day grind, and practicing yoga to bring your awareness into your body allows you to tap into your passion and purpose. We’ll engage in a creative activity to help you get clear about what you want more of in your life.

This retreat includes an optional challenging hike in the Rockies for those who want to experience the incredible views, and enjoy the fresh mountain air while getting a great workout hiking at altitude. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can help you gain confidence and resilience, so that you can handle all of life’s challenges.

About the host

Carrie Lehtonen

    I got my wake-up call at 31 years old when I survived a heart attack. At the time, I was working in a stressful Human Resources job that didn’t inspire me, and even though I was in good physical shape as a triathlete, I felt disconnected from myself. I was stressed out, and unsure of what I really wanted. I embarked on a long journey that included education in nutrition and life-coaching methods, and training to become a yoga teacher. As an inflexible athlete, I never thought yoga would be “my thing,” but it was exactly what I needed.

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