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300hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training In Costa Rica

Hari Om Yoga & Ayurveda

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Hari OM 300-hour Yoga and Ayurveda teacher training is an in-depth program to study the tradition of Yoga and her sister science, Ayurveda.

The teachings are focused on the classical yoga traditions while bringing them into context in modern times. Our goal is to make you a knowledgable, talented, and truly amazing yoga instructor.

This is a perfect education for certified yoga teachers looking to reach the “next level” of teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, by polishing and acquiring new skills and knowledge about the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Upon completion, you will receive a 300-hour certification from Hari Om School of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. You will also graduate with an Ayurveda Health Coach certificate.



Yoga Teacher Trainings


Central Ave 550
Tamarindo, Costa Rica


29 Day(s)


Hari Om Yoga & Ayurveda


Reg. $3,750







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What makes this event special...

Why take our training?

The aim of this training is to dive deep into the yoga teaching and practice: by understanding the cosmic geometry of your body, the Yantra (machine) which carries you in this world, you will restore your connection to the intelligence that goes beyond the intellect; We call this Mukti or self-realization. This training is rooted in the philosophy of bhakti-yoga and the ancient practice and legacy of Adi-Yogi: Shiva the original Yogi. (The OG)

Open to all Yogis and teachers of any type of Asana, this training is designed to make you a very proficient and exemplary yoga teacher through the careful study of philosophy, anatomy and verbal instruction.

Beyond yoga, students will be introduced to its sister science, Ayurveda. Ayur stands for life, and Veda for knowledge, therefore Ayurveda represents the ‘science of life’, an ancient medicinal and lifestyle tradition that perfectly complements yoga. The two together form a perfect toolset for a healthy, wholesome lifestyle! Keep the body healthy with yoga asana and Ayurvedic healing and nutrition principles, maintain mental and emotional peace, and find balance with mindfulness lifestyle practices.

Educational categories

* Techniques, Training, and Practice
* Teaching Methodology
* Anatomy & Physiology
* Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle
* Practicum


* Ayurveda Fundamentals course

* Ayurveda specialization course

* Wellness Entrepreneur

* Meditation immersion

200hr Yoga Teacher training

About the host

Matea Zajec

Matea Zajec began her yoga journey at a young age, practicing bhakti-yoga, meditation, and asana. When she was a child, she suffered from various illnesses, until her mother found Ayurveda and she was quickly cured.

Matea is an E-RTY 500, and the founder of Hari OM Yoga & Wellness. She is also an Aerial and SUP yoga teacher, Tibetan singing bowl sound healer, Ayurvedic practitioner, Jyotish Vedic astrologer, Meditation teacher and Reiki master.

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