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3 Night Transformational Getaway In Mallorca Spain (Every Month)

Unlocking The Significant You

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Unlocking The Significant You
Lean Into Love & Design the Life You Deserve!

Join a 3-Day Getaway in Mallorca designed to bring ancient Eastern wisdom in your daily life, experience guided practices, nurturing rituals and a luscious environment to restore.

Upcoming Experience 16th-19th April.
Write us or contact us to join any of the Getaways we run all year,take your time to heal any season!





Sunshine Embassy
Campanet, Baleares 07510 Spain


4 Day(s)


Unlocking The Significant You


Reg. $750 Early Bird $700







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What makes this event special...

Are you undergoing a major life transition? Are you feeling unenthusiastic?
Learn how to use difficulties, such as loss, shame, and overwhelming emotions as a means to awaken your transformation.

Awaken yourself, we help you create an unconditional friendship with yourself by allowing yourself to be exactly as it is, build a life based on self-love, confidence, and balance.

The Self needs to be taken care of. Reset. Somehow your hectic life does not give you enough space to restore? You just keep on going as it is… feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled!

There is a lot of healing in store for us on the path of transition and it’s fully advised to take time and take care of whatever feels overwhelming to you.

In contemporary culture, we are taught to shut down emotions and lock them somewhere within and keep on… the culture in changing…for good!

Overwhelming feelings in-store without acknowledgment can have a negative impact on our whole aura, vibration, and physical body gets affected and with time creates undesired diseases or behavior problems.

If you allow yourself to experience your sensorium universe, then the experience can become transformational.

Take some time to notice how you feel, and feel it deeply.

Honor What Is.

Transform it into Good.

We teach you how

About the host

Carmen Gomez -Yogakonarte-

Carmen was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1981. She is a Designer and a certified Yoga Teacher, founder of YogaKonArte. She started her yoga journey in 1996 and she has participated in yoga festivals and multiple workshops worldwide since then.

With the knowledge acquired through personal experimentation, Carmen creatively groups curated experiences with music, art, food, yoga and amazing humans to generate unique moments designed to fit different people.

She launched a YouTube channel on early 2019 to help promote self-awareness through Yoga and make it available to anyone without barriers. Find out more about it in her social accounts!

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