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Enjoy this unique online retreat personalized to you, full of ancient vedic wisdom and mindfulness practices. We have planned this retreat carefully to replicate the retreat we offer here, but tailored to your home environment so you can enjoy it at your pace. The knowledge of Ayurveda combined with mindfulness techniques of yoga, meditation and the teachings of Buddhism will help you to bring health to your body and mind.

The objective of this retreat to help you understand your mind, its nature to roam around and need stimulation, and how to control it to gain happiness and a sense of wellness. We are aiming to provide more than just a 3 day retreat – we want to teach you a way of life. Ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda helps us understand and mobilize and maintain our body and mind in a way that brings us health and wellness, which can keeps us happy, fulfilled and bright.

What makes this event special...

Break the barrier of distance and take advantage of the digital age to distress your mind and keep calm and peace by practising yoga, meditation and mindfulness guided by the instructors online at your home. Register Now!

About the host

Plantation Villa

Bernardo has been teaching Yoga for over 9 years. He owns his private studio in Brazil. He focuses on Hatha Yoga, with complementary studies on Kundalini, Nidra and Vinyasa Yoga. For the past 3 years he has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, to learn and teach in different countries, including Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand. At the moment he works with Plantation Villa on it’s centre in Sri Lanka and guiding their international retreats and workshops. He is also a Vedic Chanting teacher (KYM – India) and a Ayurvedic and Thai masseur.

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