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This retreat will take you on a journey to deeply soothe your nervous system, align and rejuvenate your physical body and enliven your spirit!

Body: You will be guided through daily yoga and somatic movement classes to improve your flexibility, strength, and alignment.

Mind: You will learn practices to shift emotional and energy blockages and release negative beliefs and social conditioning and reconnect to the wisdom of your heart.

Spirit: Through meditation and taking time to ground and center yourself in this beautiful obscure nature setting, you will have the opportunity to reconnect to the truth of who you are.

We will have as a theme, “the center pole.” So often life throws us off balance. This retreat will help us to align and center and re-find our core!

The weekend will consist of movement lessons, connection, meditation, nature, healthy vegetarian cuisine, as well as personal and spiritual growth classes. You’ll also have plenty of free time to relax around the retreat center’s natural settings, spend time journaling, connecting with wonderful like-minded people, or sipping on a cup of tea.





65 Buckalew
Sausalito, CA 94965 United States


3 Day(s)


Mandala Springs Resort


Reg. $1,287 Early Bird $987







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What makes this event special...

People leave with so much more clarity and much more alignment in their spine!

About the host

shara ogin

Shara is an Intuitive Coach combining the magic of her clairvoyance (seeing into the subconscious), with her personal coaching.

Shara is passionate about helping women to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them finding the love, the job they’re passionate about, and the happiness they so deserve.

She just published a book + workbook titled, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within, where she outlines 140 diseases and illnesses, the root cause, and strategies for holistic healing. Shara currently works with clients 1:1, leads group coaching and intuitive training programs.

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