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3-Day Spiritual Healing Retreat In Sedona

Keep Sedona Beautiful Event Center

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Many individuals struggle to heal but know innately there is something they are missing. They can feel the power that lies within them but are at a loss on how to bring it forth. Our Spiritual Healing Retreat is designed to help you strengthen your connection to your source so that you can awaken that innate ability.

A strong connection will also give you the direct answers you seek and guidance from within. This direct guidance will lead you on your journey to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Join us for a 2-day Spiritual Healing Retreat in Sedona. A one-day retreat is also available

[Pricing Details]
1-day Retreat:
1-person: $440 + tax
2-people: $640 + tax
3-people: $800 + tax
4-people: $1300 + tax

2-day Retreat:
1-person: $880 + tax
2-people: $1280 + tax
3-people: $1600 + tax
4-people: $2600 + tax

* Accommodations and meals are not included. We will gladly assist you with recommending and booking accommodations.

* Additional retreat days up to 7 days are available.

* Up to 8 people can be included in your group. Please contact us for pricing.





360 Brewer Road
Sedona, AZ 86336 United States


2 Day(s)


Keep Sedona Beautiful Event Center


Reg. $880





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What makes this event special...

In this retreat we offer many ways for you to build a stronger connection:
– Meditation at a Sedona Vortex
– Shamanic Journeying
– Lectures on spiritual guidance
– Question and Answer session with my spiritual guides
– Qigong Meditation Hike
– Breathwork
– Spiritual Guidance Workbook Activities
– Meditation Coaching
– Intuitive Guidance on Nutrition and more

The Spiritual Healing Retreat is truly an intuitive experience.
Each day will have between 4 to 6 hours of activities and
counseling to connect you more deeply to your source.

About the host

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce, is an author, meditation, law of attraction and spiritual life coach. She has a master’s degree in the field of education with over 3-years of post-masters education in naturopathic medicine. She has also studied the art of yoga and qigong for over 10-years. Shawngela’s latest book titled, Healing and the Law of Attraction, empowers people to understand their role in the health and healing process. When you possess this knowledge, you have the tools you need to become whole again. Shawngela invites you to see yourself in a new light and release whatever is holding you back.

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