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22 Days 200-Hour Cleansing Yoga Teacher Training In Troncones Beach, Mexico

Present Moment Retreat

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With the sound of the waves permeating every experience, the luxurious beachside setting and award-winning center of Present Moment Retreat is the perfect environment to let go and unfold. This is a life enhancing, transformative experience that combines the power of the Kula Collective 200-hour YTT with the renewing cleansing programs offered by Present Moment. By releasing in the body, we clear the mind and free the spirit, letting ourselves merge with the beauty of this magical place.

This training is held on the beautiful Pacific Riviera of Mexico, surrounded by epic surf breaks and rugged, sandy beaches. A short stroll away is a cultural gem, the quiet indigenous village of Troncones. With daily, stunning sunsets, calming, open-air spaces and delicious, health-giving cuisine, this is an experience to nourish the whole self.

This is unique program due to its incredible venue (Present Moment Awards) and in its emphasis on Shamanic Healing and Holistic Cleansing. The cleansing focuses on all aspects of wellness (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). We cleanse in order to reveal our truest self, so that we step onto the mat as new yoga teachers able to guide from the pure essence of the Heart and Spirit.

Experience the sweetness of life while dancing to the heartbeat of the jungle beaches by moonlight. Swim in the warm waters of the Mexican Pacific and experience the magic of living your passion. Come join us and awaken the power of your spirit in this eco-friendly paradise on the wild coast of Mexico.

What makes this event special...

Highlights of the Beachside Cleansing 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training:

Cleanse body, mind and spirit with raw food, an intestinal cleanse, a liver flush and optional supported fasting.

Stay in stunning, comfortable cabins with daily attendance and high class service

Nourish yourself with Gourmet, vegetarian meals at the well-known Sanctuary restaurant

Venture out to a nearby cave and enjoy optional surfing, kayaking, swimming, horseback-riding and walking

Help to release baby turtles, helping to conserve the health of future generations

Practice, play and dine in the open air, with stunning sunsets and regular live music

Professional Massage available in the Present Moment Space

About the host

Kula Collective

Kula Collective’s vision is a global awakening of spiritual consciousness, supported by a thriving community founded in integrity, with abundance and freedom for all.

Together, we ignite spiritual growth, weaving holistic experiences from diverse traditions ​to inspire purpose and awaken passion.

Learn more: https://www.thekulacollective.com/our-story.html

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