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200 Hour Elemental Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala

The Yoga Forest

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Realize your inner stillness and access the wisdom that resides deep in your heart and soul in this magnificent yoga teacher training. Come join Kula Collective and awaken the power of your spirit while living in a conscious living community overlooking the incredible Lake Atitlan in the western highlands of Guatemala. With the majestic mountain scenery and mystical lake serenity, experience the transformative energy of this incredible place deep within your soul.


What makes this event special...

Immerse yourself deeply in the practice of yoga – living, learning and embracing the 4 Traditional paths and the wisdom of shamanic practices. Release what no longer serves you and create more space in your body and mind through the cultivation of awareness. This training will provide you with a strong foundation in yogic practice and philosophy and a fresh perspective on life. Step away from your life and come closer to your calling through connecting to your heart and embracing the oneness within all paths as the realization of Self;

Bhakti – The way of the heart – Experience love and devotion through prayer, ceremony, singing, and chanting
Jnana – The way of knowledge – Self inquiry through the art of living with intention and contemplation of our very oneness
Karma – The way of action -Selfless service to the one, how we can gracefully and mindfully serve the whole
Raja – The royal path of meditative absorption – Exploring the work of Patanjali ‘s Ashtanga (8 limbs) philosophy

About the host

The Yoga Forest

The Yoga Forest was founded as a sustainable living experiment, through a desire for living simply, greenly and in communion with everything surrounding us.

In yoga practice, we clear the body and mind making space for wisdom and deeper understanding to flow freely and openly. In making space, we allow ourselves to experience our fullness and connection to everything around us. Yoga is therefore about cultivating flow through the body and mind and opening up to optimal experience – union.

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