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2-Day Spiritual Healing Retreat In Sedona (2021)

Bell Rock Vortex

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Discover your innate Power to Heal by strengthening your connection to your Spiritual Guides. In this 1 or 2 day retreat, you will work with Shawngela Pierce and her spiritual guides for a transformative experience. Learn how toheal physically, emotionally and spiritually, how to communicate, how to deepen your connection, how to find a sense of inner peace and more.

This retreat takes place in Sedona, which is world-renowned for its healing vortex energies.A Sedona vortex is believed to be a place of high spiraling spiritual energy where the conditions are perfect for facilitating healing, spiritual awakening, meditation and prayer.

What makes this event special...

Our event is special because you get an opportunity to go beyond the physical and experience the non-physical nature of your true self. You really do begin to experience the fact that we are spiritual (non-physical) beings in a physical body.

About the host

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce, is an author, meditation, law of attraction and spiritual life coach. She has a master’s degree in the field of education with over 3-years of post-masters education in naturopathic medicine. She has also studied the art of yoga and qigong for over 10-years. Shawngela’s latest book titled, Healing and the Law of Attraction, empowers people to understand their role in the health and healing process. When you possess this knowledge, you have the tools you need to become whole again. Shawngela invites you to see yourself in a new light and release whatever is holding you back.

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