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2-Day Lightworker (Level 2): A Framework And Foundation For Souls In Service

River House

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This two-day course builds on the material from Level, and goes deeper into the world of energy: what it does to us; how to integrate it so that we raise our vibration and ascend; sources of positive and negative energies; how to use it for the sake of doing “lightwork”; and much more.

We also discuss higher consciousness, the two types of awakening, what to eat in order to support the ascending body, and specific ways to use “light” to help our Mother Earth and humankind.

All of these subjects are discussed clearly and practically, so that they may be fully understood by students. This is partial disclosure.

The curriculum is as follows:
– the definitions of “higher consciousness,” “ascension,” and “awakening,” and why they matter;
– the different energies that qualify as “light” and “dark”;
– how to integrate high-vibrational energy into the body, and which bodily systems are most affected;
– what happens to us when we vibrate higher;
– common “ascension symptoms” and how to mitigate them;
– what to eat when you’re ascending and when not to eat at all;
– how to protect yourself from negative energies;
– how to use light to do Lightwork (such as gridwork, anchoring, and keeping a frequency);
– how to work with Gaia’s physical and energetic body, and what she needs from Level 2 Lightworkers;
– dates throughout the year when Lightwork is needed most;
– the five main tools that help Lightworkers; and
– the important distinction between service and servitude.

What makes this event special...

This course is taught by a Lightworker who has been in service to Spirit, the All, and the planet. She has personal experience with all subjects taught in the course, and offers objective, balanced, and comprehensive information about “lightwork” and what our world needs from us. The course itself was inspired by Spirit, and meets a growing need in the awakening and awakened community. Prerequisite: Level 1.

About the host

Jen Wozny

I am a Life Coach and Energy Healer, blending together the traditions of Reiki, Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, and Holistic Wellness. My specialty is assisting others with personal and spiritual development, and teaching about the spiritual path. I am also proudly a Lightworker, working with others to support and elevate the planet we call Home. I hold a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Masters of Science Degree in Intelligence Analysis, and formerly worked for the federal government in the area of national security.

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