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18 Day Energy Medicine: Transformational Therapy, Tiruvannamalai, India

Arunadri Retreat Centre

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Energy As Medicine : Personal Growth & Career Training Retreat

Our Energy As Medicine training is unique in the healing arts for our constant intention to address the Soul….the animating intelligence of Life. We work with the body as a vibratory field and the person, holistically to clear blocked energy and entrain with Nature. You will learn profoundly effective energy balancing protocols and principles that will heal and transform your life and the lives of your clients!

Foundation Training: 4 days
Sattvic Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Session:
Balances the nervous system to promote healing Soul Communion.
Rajasic Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Session: Enhances vitality.
2 days morning pilgrimage, afternoons practice, personal space, & tourism
Visit Arunachaleswarar Temple, and
Giripradakshina/Circumambulate Arunachala Holy Hill
Intermediate Training: 4 days
Core Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Session:
Releases tension and trauma from the sympathetic nervous system.
Pelvic Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Session:
Releases blocked energy and emotional armoring.
2 days morning pilgrimage, afternoons practice, personal space, & tourism
Visit Ramana Ashram and SriRamana’s Virupaksha Cave,
Climb to the “feet of Shiva” at the top of Arunachala Holy Hill

Somatic Emotional Clearing: 4 days
Learn to clear emotional armoring, stress and trauma from the cellular memory of the body.
Understand how to prevent re-traumatization
Integrating Somatics and bodywork
Learn to rescue the inner child

What makes this event special...

Bruce offers a unique synthesis of Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology.

He offers a holistic approach to health, well-being and liberation. Bruce is consistently sharing from a place of Unitive Consciousness evolved over a half century of spiritual practice, study and teaching.

You will learn 4 profoundly effective Polarity Therapy Energy Balancing Sessions and Life Changing Somatic Emotional Clearing protocols.

About the host

Bruce Burger

    In 1978 we founded Heartwood Institute, one of the worlds leading centers for professional training in massage and the natural healing arts. At Heartwood, we participated in a revolution in the understanding and practice, of holistic healing, and the emergence of Energy Medicine.

    All life is sacred. Integrating spirituality into our life is the key to healing. Health and happiness blossom in a life attuned to Spirit.

    We offer unique a synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology. It offers a constant focus on unitive consciousness… as the key to healing and self-actualization.

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