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14 Day ‘Moon Course’ Women’s Spiritual Leadership Retreat, Canada

Anuttara Ashram

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This course is a gathering of women immersing themselves in nature and uniting in the harmonious listening to the fluid connection that our bodies have with the moon, earth, and the wisdom which innately permeates our bodies.

Although done in a retreat setting by the end of these 14 days you will be empowered to lead your own women’s circles and gatherings. You will learn to create and hold sacred space, honor the goddess, and speak more freely from your own personal truth.

What makes this event special...

This is a 14-day gathering of women in the forest. Participating in authentic tantric and shamanistic rituals and practices.

Learning to listen to our bodies and harmonize with the moon and nature in our own natural rhythms.

Learn to honor your being completely, in body, mind, and soul.

About the host

Anuttara Ashram

    Anuttara offers the opportunity to internalize truth into daily life through spiritual study and retreat.

    Anuttara Ashram is a yoga school and spiritual retreat centre and home to seekers of truth.

    We provide Yoga Teacher Trainings , Yoga Retreats and the opportunity to Live in a Yogic Community.

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