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11 Day Relaxation, Surf and Yoga Retreat in Morocco


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This is our all inclusive package and represents incredible value. It adds an element of relaxation to not have to take your wallet out for anything during the week, or decide whether to do something or what to do… It is perfect for beginners all the way through to advanced practitioners. You will begin and end the day in the yoga shala and develop a new skill and play in the surf in the sun. Our instructor will build a balanced practice according to your needs: challenging and progressive but always accessible.

What makes this event special...

Life is a journey.

At times, we find we don’t know where we’re going or we forget why. Our direction changes with our experience and motivation and we travel through transition after transition: coaxing ourselves to let go of old goals or companions; to stand at the crossroads and choose the next path knowing that we cannot turn back; standing still and starting all over again.

Through the practice of yoga the Retreat will guide you through the process of letting-go: setting down your burdens and giving you space to remember yourself, to reflect and to reconnect. Reconnect with your breath, your inner peace and silence. Slow down, open your heart-space and gather your courage for your adventure.

If surfing is a new experience for you, this is the perfect environment to begin.

Fresh and engaging, exciting and exhilarating there is no better place than the Ocean to play and laugh at yourself, remember what its like to fall over, to not be in control all the time and to get up and try again.

If you have surfed before then you already know how good it is for the soul!

About the host


Maria (Portuguese surfer) and Mohcine (Moroccan surfer) are successfully running surfing holidays for over 9 years as one of Tamraght’s original surf and yoga camps.

They will bring their combined and extensive experience to take you to the best spots in the area and have the best surf ever in the Moroccan waves!

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