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In this online immersion, we will unlock powerful mantras, the myths of the Gods, teaching methodology, flow sequencing, functional anatomy, business of yoga, menstrual biological awareness for men and women, water dance techniques, and Vedic teachings to invoke grace in the teaching realms.

It´s time for you to reclaim your intrinsic power and unravel the inner wisdom keeper that dwells within your heart.

We want to create a safe space for your to experience the wisdom of the Vedic teachings and design YOUR OWN sequences that feel exquisite to your body and soul!

In this 6 WEEK IMMERSION we will guide you step by step to
Nourish what makes you feel empowered, find your unique giving voice,
Tap into the ancestral wisdom lineage, that will make you feel alive,
vibrant, and fully owning your potential.

Here’s what’s included:
– Forever access to 6 modules of recorded content
– 2 Live Zoom calls a week
– 24/7 Access to full length Mandala Vinyasa Flows
– Lectures, Mantra, Mythology, and Meditations for each Module
– Access to the global SOHA Tribe and platforms
– Invited guest teachers on: Spinal Water Dance Class, Menstrual Cycle Awareness – masterclass, Business of Yoga, and Vedic Teachings
– BONUS: Krama Lab – Teaching Methodology dissecting all Mandala flows, and learning the behind the scenes of these epic flows.
– BONUS: Weekly Live Q and A’s
– BONUS: Full 6 masterclass package of Functional Anatomy with renowned Osteopath
– BONUS: Live Teaching Practicums and feedback

What makes this event special...

This program will unleash the power of your inner voice, guide you to creating flows youll never forget, and share your gifts to this world, which so much needs you now.

About the host

Daniela Garza

20 years of experience, teaching yoga and the healing arts, I´ve studied through numerous schools of thought and styles.
I´ve learned that the soft way is the powerful way. I´ve learned that I don’t need to salute only the sun, but rather salute the 7 directions.
I´ve experienced Mandala Vinyasa as a system that helps me connect to the depth of my being. I´ve studied the Vedic teachings enough years to get me through the darkest nights of my soul.

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