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10 Days Yoga and Massage Retreat in the Jungle of Palenque, Mexico

El Jardin De Eden

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This retreat is an invitation to come back home within ourselves and to celebrate the deep connection with our body/mother earth and Spirit.
A safe space will be created to return to the guiding power of the Heart where we can let go, relax, tune-in, heal and go deeper in abiding in who we really are. It is an invitation to deepen our yogic practice, meditation and learn the basics of deep tissue and Swedish massage and the healing powers of touch.

What makes this event special...

The retreat starts with a 3 day silent meditation based on the methods of Self-inquiry on the Heart. Through silent meditation we realize the primordial spirit that we are, beyond thinking and conditioning. While at the same time, space and awareness is given to let the patterns of the conditioned mind come up in order to heal, grow and transcend from the honest dept of being.
The second part of the retreat will include a deepening in yogic techniques and massage. The retreat will further include sweat lodge and cacao ceremonies to tune in with the energies of nature and our ancestors.

About the host

El Jardin De Eden

El Jardin is a healing center located inside the national park of Palenque. It is the home of ancient Mayan pyramids hidden in the lush jungle. El Jardin consists of 2 hectares of paradise: trees, medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables,… It has several houses for accommodating guests where you can really get the feeling of a close connection with the powerful and beautiful nature around. At the top of the land is the temple which has 2 levels. The bottom is for ceremonies and has a central fire place. The top level is for daily meditation and yoga classes. El Jardin has a family and community feeling where the mission is to lift each other up and to be a platform for reminding each other, through many traditions, who we truly are. Ultimately, describing words can only reveal the tip of the splendor that lies beneath… Come, see, experience and feel for yourself.

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