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10 Day India Immersion Tour, Customs Traditions Yoga & Meditation


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Exotic and vibrant smells, colours, tastes, traditions, people, and landscapes; a country that cannot be forgotten and certainly should not be missed.

This is a crash course in learning how to travel India safely and respectfully while immersing ourselves in Indian customs and traditions.

Together we will practice yoga and meditation, meet enlightened beings and sit in sacred places while indulging in the richness of this amazing ancient land.

What makes this event special...

This has been organized to happen at the same time that many yoga teachers from around the world gather.

It is lead by two amazing yoga and meditation teachers; one of which has been travelled and lived in India for over twenty years.

We will guide you through the amazing sites, sounds and traditions of India while also empowering you to feel safe and comfortable to one day travel India alone.

We keep the groups small so we can grow together and develop a deep trust for one another as we go through our own personal spiritual journeys in this ancient sacred land.

About the host


Nirav is the founder and leader of Anuttara Ashram since its’ inception in 2005, where he has been working steadily, persistently and vigilantly at creating a space of peacefulness and solitude for the awakening of love in its most practical form, in the act of giving.

He has himself been practicing yoga and tantra since 1999. First, under the direct guidance of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati in India and Thailand with the International School of Agama Yoga.

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