Even Though I’m Leaving, I Ain’t Going Nowhere…

Even Though I’m Leaving, I Ain’t Going Nowhere

I saw the light leave your eyes when I left this earth.

I heard you ask why.

I heard you ask if it hurt.

The answer is no. Not anymore.

Although it is hard looking through this door.

Watching you alone, I never meant for it to be this way. You’ll see me again someday. I just didn’t mean for that day to be so far away.

I’m aware that you could never understand.

I can see that you wonder how this could be a part of God’s plan. Well truly it’s not, and I know that’s a lot.

I made a choice when others couldn’t hear my voice. I changed the plan when I took matters into my own hands.

I didn’t cry out for help to you. That was never really me, so please don’t feel like you just didn’t hear my plea.

You did the best you could. You were always there for me. You two were perfect, mom and daddy.

You protected me for so long. Now I can protect you. I know your hearts are shattered and your minds are wrecks. Even though it is hard, look at it from this aspect.

Your baby girl will never feel pain again. I’m even up here with grandfathers, cousins and friends. Weep when you may, but please know I’m not that far. I’ll live in your hearts, even in the dark. I’ll never lead you astray, not even for a day. Stay strong at home; I’m fine up here.

Until the day we meet again, know that you were the best mother, father and friend.


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