8 Essential Things You Need To ‘Om’ Your Home…

8 Essential Things You Need To ‘Om’ Your Home

Eastern Decor is Amazing!

If you’re like me at all, you love the eastern ascetic. There’s just something about the whole vibe that really makes a home look beautiful and feel unique; almost like a special getaway. But more than that, the spiritual aspect of eastern culture offers a nurturing feeling. It’s like an anchor that grounds you. These are 8 important items to have in your home that will make your place feel like an oasis!

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It goes without saying that statues can add a sense of distinction and a regal feeling. Small or large, they can really change the feel in a room or living space. Personally, I really love Buddha and Ganesh. Buddha’s teachings have done a lot for my life and are rooted in logic; they’re powerful and simplistic. Ganesh has a deep symbology that I love…plus, let’s face it: he looks so cool! I have these two in my place and nearly everyone comments on them.


Incense has been scientifically proven to change the brain to a more relaxed state. It actually boosts the brain’s alpha waves and increases our ability to disassociate from our bodies. In other words- it helps you to meditate. I love coming home and relaxing with some incense burning. One of my favorite things!

Singing Bowl

There’s just something about the tone singing bowls make that really uplifts me; not to mention can literally change your brain waves. I usually keep it by my Buddha statue in the living room, because the metal look and feel of both pieces go together really well. The one I have actually has the Om on the inside.


Tapestries are very cool, because their color can pull an entire room together. Not to mention the Sanskrit text is Om Namah Shivaya, a powerful mantra used for centuries. But the trick is you have to learn what works with your color scheme. I have this blue one because my place is bright and I love the way the blue looks draped over my bed- but you can also put them on the walls.

You can look at the collection here. This is the one I have:

Essential Oils

Besides incense, my favorite thing to use at home are essential oils. Oils are different than incense because they offer a lot more health benefits. They’re naturally absorbed and infused into the bloodstream via the lungs. Each oil has its own healing property, according to whatever kind of herb was used. I have a few from this collection below, and I use an awesome diffuser in my room.

Wall Hangings

I don’t have too many wall ornaments, but my favorite is this rustic Ganesh. Yes, I know! I already have Ganesh stuff, but I figure you can’t really have too much of him around. That’s because according to Hindu lore, Ganesh brings prosperity wherever he goes. I can’t get enough of his symbolismI placed this one in my bathroom.

Salt Lamps

One of my absolute favorites, the Himalayan Salt Lamps NEVER get old. They make any room look amazing. Their low light and soft hue make for a beautiful natural look. I have two in my room, on either side of my bed. I use them at night when I’m reading, and it looks so cool. They also have some pretty interesting healing properties. I really can’t say enough good things about them!


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