The 4 Top Reasons To Own An Essential Oil Diffuser…

The 4 Top Reasons To Own An Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusing the Stress

Whether you are a newbie with essential oils or a veteran, you will know there is an extensive list of the benefits of essential oils.

Diffusing essential oils is how I was first introduced to these life-changing oils.

Using a diffuser is very simple. You will use water and a couple drops of essential oils, you will press the button, and it will start running.

You will instantly start smelling and feeling the benefits of the diffuser, some of which are listed below.

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1) Sleep and relaxation

Sleep and being able to relax is the most sought-after benefit of essential oils. Start the diffuser as you brush your teeth at night, and that way, your room will start to smell amazing before you hop into bed.

I would suggest using either lavender or your own blend, like lavender and cedarwood.

2) Boost the immunity!

There are several ways that a diffuser fights off a cold, flu, or anything else going around. If the kids are going back to school or someone in the office is sick, have your diffuser running.

Most essential oils are very powerful and have anti-microbial features. You can use a diffuser as a humidifier, which will keep your airways moist and healthy, so you will be less likely to take those sick days.

3) Need a pick-me-up?

Try dropping one drop of peppermint into your palms, rubbing your hands together, and inhaling. (Please make sure that your hands are away from your face, you do not want to get the peppermint in or near your eyes.)

You can also try buying a glass rollerball. Place 20 drops of peppermint with 20 drops of wild orange and top it with fractionated coconut oil, and that will become something that you can roll onto the back of your neck or just inhale from the bottle.

4) It saves money!

This is my favorite reason to have a diffuser. You are investing in your well-being. The essential oils are helping you visit the doctors less, keeping you at work, and increasing your productivity. You will reap the benefits of having one.

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